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Today's Funny Video Links
Fat Kid On The Beach... Image
Fat Kid On The Beach...
After waiting for his friend to do his flip is runs and jumps on th...
Car Pin Ball Image
Car Pin Ball
Its not the best of pile ups but definitely the funniest.
Smashing Dunk Image
Smashing Dunk
You know where your pocket money is going...
Worth Every Penny Image
Worth Every Penny
Guy super glues a lot of coins to a sidewalk
Disabled Kid Image
Disabled Kid
This guy uses a disabled kid to help him score.
Yeah Image
Today's Flash Games Links
Valentines Quest Image
Valentines Quest
Help Link gather together the right ingredients to get flowers for ...
Telescope Golf 4 Image
Telescope Golf 4
This time its serious.
You Da Sperm Image
You Da Sperm
Now you can see what really happens.
Dynasty Warrior 2 Image
Dynasty Warrior 2
An awesome fighting game; fight your way thru the jungle use your ...
Retronoids Image
Great version of the classic arkanoid game. Play the custom levels ...
Flashball Image
Classic break out arkanoid (arcanoid) type game paddle and ball bre...
Super Pang Image
Super Pang
Here is jet another pang clone i know here are some around but it t...
Slots Online
Still the original and best online casino game
Today's Funny Photo Links
Church St Versus Gay... Image
Church St Versus Gay...
Thats a bit ironic. | Funny picture collection from around the worl...
Nooooooooo Image
What the hell are you doing?! You fools! | Funny picture collection...
In Your Face Image
In Your Face
Picture of a basketball player jumping towards the hoop with his cr...
How Do People Manage... Image
How Do People Manage...
Funny picture collection from around the world. You havent seen any...
Cheese Art Image
Cheese Art
Funny picture collection from around the world. You havent seen any...
Ludo Party Image
Ludo Party
Its the classic board game Ludo for adults! | Funny picture collect...
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Tic Tac Toe Image
The great and addictive game of Tic...
Rick Shaw Jam Image
In this game you really cant do mu...
Rocket Skateboard Image
Ok kids even if your parents our d...
The Gun Show Image
The Gun Show | Funny picture collec...
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