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Today's Funny Video Links
Sleepy Dog Image
Sleepy Dog
I think this poor little guy needs a nap.
Nice Laugh Image
Nice Laugh
This guy has one of the weirdest laughs ever.
Meth Teeth Image
Meth Teeth
This is what its like when you do Meth.
Drinking Time Image
Drinking Time
Funny prank played on an unsuspecting tour group. Its drinking time!
Yellow Pages Ad Image
Yellow Pages Ad
A funny Yellow Pages ad from UK
No Smoking Image
No Smoking
Dont you just hate people like this?
Today's Flash Games Links
Space Explorer Image
Space Explorer
The aim of the game is to land your ship safely on as many landing ...
UFO Mania Image
UFO Mania
All you alien-obsessed freaks out there should enjoy this. Abduct a...
3D Sudoku Image
3D Sudoku
Brings you a new puzzle everyday in this original japanese sudoku g...
Claxor Image
Draw a path to get the ball to the square Directions: Use the mouse...
Ninja Golf Image
Ninja Golf
Wow this is weird. Mix flash game golf and ninja fighting.
The Way Of The Stick Image
The Way Of The Stick
A Stick version of The Matrix!
FR Quick Park Image
FR Quick Park
Test your driving fitness by parking the Leon FR accurately as many...
Slots Online
Still the original and best online casino game
Today's Funny Photo Links
Whats Wrong With Thi... Image
Whats Wrong With Thi...
Think theyll get the car out again? | Funny picture collection from...
Looters Will Be Shot Image
Looters Will Be Shot
Picture from Hurricane Katrina as a storeowner writes a message to ...
Mercedes Art Image
Mercedes Art
At least I think its art | Funny picture collection from around the...
Cool Halloween Pumpk... Image
Cool Halloween Pumpk...
Cool Halloween Pumpkins | Funny picture collection from around the ...
Tongue Driller Image
Tongue Driller
Picture of a man who has purposely drilled a hole through his own t...
Not There For The Ca... Image
Not There For The Ca...
You nasty little pervert | Funny picture collection from around the...
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Job Hell Image
Job Hell | Funny picture collection...
Ho Made Pizza Image
Picture Of A Sign That Was Supposed...
Baby In Traffic Image
Hey Im driving here! | Funny pictur...
How The Hell Did ... Image
Funny picture collection from aroun...
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