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Today's Funny Video Links
Dentist Road Rage Image
Dentist Road Rage
Yikes. A CBS crew caught this dentist fly into a rage when he found...
Lil Red Riding Hood Image
Lil Red Riding Hood
Theres a shocking twist to this one watch it.
Accident With A Came... Image
Accident With A Came...
Dont worry the camel isnt dead! The car is in really bad shape b...
Multiplication Image
I wonder how much free time this person has.
The Musical Road Image
The Musical Road
Drive over it and it makes music! This one is in Lancaster
Extremely Drunk Kid ... Image
Extremely Drunk Kid ...
This is the drunkest person I have ever seen in the past 10 minutes.
Today's Flash Games Links
Punk-o-Matic Image
Select drum beats bass and electric guitar beats and make your own ...
Starcraft FA 3 Image
Starcraft FA 3
This is an awesome game to play you protect you base while re-fill...
Catacombs Image
A Horde of evil monsters rampaged the kingdom and has abducted the ...
3D Space Skimmer Image
3D Space Skimmer
Fly around through space and avoid asteroids and alien ships that s...
Battleships - Genera... Image
Battleships - Genera...
Fight with your battleships across the sea to defeat the enemy.
Plankton Life 2 Image
Plankton Life 2
In this nice and interesting flash game, your aim is to help the li...
Bleed Image
A portal is transporting demons into our world. Go on a quest to fi...
Slots Online
Still the original and best online casino game
Today's Funny Photo Links
Forgot Viagra Image
Forgot Viagra
Picture of some crazy halloween costumes with one phallic fella lef...
Naughty Teddy Image
Naughty Teddy
Picture of two S and M Teddy bears fully decked out.
Naked EBay Image
Naked EBay
A picture from ebay where the man taking the picture is naked and y...
Magazine Kiss Image
Magazine Kiss
Picture of a man holding up a magazine so his face aligns perfectly...
Trashy Trash Can Image
Trashy Trash Can
Picture of a trash can with a photo of a womans backside positioned...
Winter Sucks Image
Winter Sucks
Winter Sucks! | Funny picture collection from around the world. You...
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Bad Restaurant Name Image
Picture of a sign for a restaurant ...
Hanging On The Bus Image
Picture of a bus with a rider hangi...
For Smooth Silky ... Image
So smooth you can slide on it | Fun...
The Things Parrot... Image
Two ladies catching up are short on...
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